• “Karen is an amazing artist with a lens. She has a knack of capturing soul, attitude and passion in her subjects. I believe Karen will be a force to be reckoned with.”Willobee Carlan, DIRECTOR OF BROADCAST OPERATIONS / PROGRAM DIRECTOR, SHAMROCK COMMUNICATIONS
  • “When I saw Karen’s live shots of our concert I was really blown away by the way she captured the energy and artistic overview of the band and stage ambiance. I was really impressed by her keen eye and sense of detail. Great work. – Bill Leeb of Front Line Assembly (FLA)
  • “Karen is a true talent !  Her work stands out amongst her peers. Fantastic person and a very professional approach. I just cant recommend Karen highly enough !!” – Shawn, drummer for SoulSucker
  • “Karen is one of the most wonderfully talented and creative people that it’s been my pleasure to work with. Her imagination, focus and energy bring make her incredible on any project.” – David Slipp, Developer / Designer / Jack of All Trades, David Slipp dot Com
  • “Our experience with Karen Hansen as our wedding photographer would be difficult to improve upon. The pictures speak for themselves. (Bride in black and red in the gallery) Almost as important is how this was planned and executed. Karen worked with us in advance to ensure that we not only got the desired shots, but also to integrate the photography into the overall schedule for the day. She also offered many great ideas that we happily used. The resulting photographs are treasures that we would not have otherwise.Our ceremony itself was a rather involved affair in which each guest participated individually with the couple and Officiants. Karen rose to this challenge capturing both the detail of the interactions as well as the overall ceremony beautifully. She managed this without being noticeable. Her rapport with our guests was amazing. She managed to deal with a very diverse and outgoing group. To get them to focus and follow instructions was quite a feat. To do it in the time allotted and without losing patience deserves a medal.She delivered the photographs ahead of schedule. Their beauty and composition are beyond our expectations, and there are an almost overwhelming number of them. Karen is a consummate professional and a gifted artist. She is also a charming character and a pleasure to work with.”Richard Hopkins (A.K.A. Orchard Pinkish)
  • “On April 27th, 2012 my husband and I had Karen shoot our outdoor wedding in Metchosin, BC. She and her assistant did an amazing job of making us feel very comfy, relaxed and totally enjoy the whole experience. We will have so much fun putting together an album with the creative pics and poses she created. Thank u Karen, you rock !” – Jessica Jones-Lenz
  • “Karen is a phenomenal photographer who is highly skilled at revealing the complex message you wish to portray in any professional or personal work. The level of creative insight Karen extends into her work is born of her natural talent. I have been working with Karen Hansen for all my business promotion because I know she’s the best.” Elliott of Elliott Envisions
  • “Karen has a brilliant eye for photography. She captured my new born son wonderfully… I’d definitely recommend her for family pics! Thanks Karen :)”
    – Liza Best, new mom
  • “I have played in numerous local musical bands in Vancouver and we have used Karen Hansen Photography on many occasions for live and publicity shots and have always been greatly impressed by the quality of her work, her prompt attention the details and to time lines, her dedication to providing us with exactly what we want and her reasonable pricing. I highly recommend Karen Hansen Photography for any and all ones photographic needs.”Eddy Dutchman, Manager of The Liquor Kings
  • “Karen Hansen has photographed my bands perform over the years and she really has a knack for capturing the moment in a live situation. Karen is able to dodge the flying bodies in the mosh pit, get up close and grab the perfect shot. Some of my favourite live photos have come from Karen and I look forward to seeing her at one of our shows in the future.” – Alxs Ness of Abriosis
  • “Karen Hansen truly captures the energy and emotion of the live rock and roll experience. She manages to bring out the best in her subjects. Her candid shots offstage really tell the story behind the show, and together they make the event come alive. Calming, professional and fun, Karen is a delight to work with.” – Derek Roberts aka: Dirty Swagger
  • “Karen Hansen!! You are so easy to work with and what a set of eyes on you!! Its always a pleasure going through your albums to see what you have captured!! I look forward to seeing more and more!!”  – Cheers from Shockload/ The Strugglers/ Little Guitar Army (Official) and Zenith D Wonderpants!!

  • “If you like crisp, sharp, amazing flicks that capture the moments you love. You only need one name.. KAREN HANSEN.” Chase Magnum
  • “Karen Hansen is an amazing photographer. I have had the pleasure of having Karen take photos of myself and bands I play with. In my opinion, she is the best in Vancouver.” – Chad Winquist of Little Guitar Army and The Fiends
  • “We had Karen come out for our first ever show in Vancouver, and can say without hesitation that we’re glad she did. We have some fantastic pictures to take back with us to Edmonton and would definitely use Karen Hansen Photography again when we come back out!” – Al Görgön of Görgön Hörde
  • “It has been my pleasure to work with Karen Hansen on several projects with some spectacular results! Karen gets the business out of the way first, which I have always appreciated, and approaches the work on the day in an easy-going manner.” – Tony Bardach of Dental Records, Pointed Sticks, Little Guitar Army  
  • “I had the pleasure of watching Karen in action! This was at a Art Gallery function and I was impressed by how focused and diligent she was. Karen is meticulous and passionate about photography.” – Jaz Pawa, Photographer/Artist
  • “Karen is a great photographer. She has covered several events at my art gallery and always delivers great work, on time. I highly recommend Karen!” – Angel Strehlen, artist/gallery
  • “Karen has the eye. The feel for a well framed shot taken of the right thing at the right time. I dig her work so much I did a painting of one of her photos for this competition. Much respect!” – Jamil Keyani, Artist and Designer
  • “As a professional artist, I understand the essence of capturing a moment and taking it to meet deadlines. Karen has consistently provided excellent quality artistic photos of my live painting experiences. Karen has also been present at my live music performances that demand attention to lighting and intense movement. Achieving artistic and professional photos under these conditions shows a high level of sophistication and high standards. I fully recommend her work and have used her photos on my professional art website.” – Carl Baird, Artist and Musician
  • “Karen Hansen is an enthusiastic and creative professional. My experience working with her has been successful on several occasions. She is excellent at explaining details and getting the job done fast. Thanks Karen.” – Lily Fawn, Hank & Lily

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  1. Al Hurd says:

    Karen is great to work with and a true professional. With a keen eye and fantastic gear she has all the right tools for seemingly any situation. I would highly recommend her for a high quality promo pics, headshots or live settings. I frequent her Facebook page to enjoy the amazing shots she posts. it takes a special knack to get a great shot and in my opinion Karen just “has it”. 
    Al Hurd bassist for “Blondenblonder”

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